Walk-In Closet Dimensions- A Basic Guide

The Best Walk-In Closet Dimensions


Walk-in closets are the best storage solutions for households. Various factors determine the design and style of a walk-in closet, such as your storage requirements, the space available, and budget.

Single-sided, double-sided, island walk-in and wrap-around walk-in are common types of walk-in closets you can install at home. Each type has its own unique features and usage capabilities.

Full sized Walk in Closet Dimensions

A full-size walk-in has dimensions of 7 x 10 feet with an area of 100 square feet, making it a suitable closet for two people. A small-sized walk-in has the exact dimensions, but the area is no more than 25 square feet. There is plenty of room for hanging clothes with a little bit to spare for shelving or a dresser.

Singled sided Walk In Closet

A single-sided walk-in closet has a small size with 4-5 feet or 24 inches depth. Likewise, the double-sided walk-in closet is wider than the single-sided closet, with 24 inches of storage space on each side. The total width of a double-sided closet is 6-7 feet with 36 inches middle clearance.

There is room for a single hanging rod or a double depending on your needs in singer sided closet.

A Walk in Closet with an Island

If you want an island walk-in closet, make sure you expand the closet by 5 feet. For instance, the 2 feet space is for the island and 3 feet for walking around it. An island closet with dual-shelves has a total width of 12 feet.


Best Shape for a Walk In Closet

L-shape and U-Shape are two common sub-types of wrap-around walk-in closets. The standard depth and width of the L-Shape closet are 2 x 5 feet. The U-shape wrap-around closet has a depth of 2 feet deep x 7 feet wide.

Moreover, the peninsula walk-in closet has a standard width of 13 feet with an adjustable and flexible width based on your floor plans. However, it has clearance isles of 36 inches. On the other hand, the split-double-sided walk-in closet designed for master bedrooms has a width ranging between 12.5 feet and 14.5 feet.

You can adjust the depth as per your needs. However, the standard hanger space for this type of walk-in closet is 24 inches. Using these dimensions, you can design a perfect walk- in closet to meet your storage needs.

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