What is the best height for a closet rod?

Closet Rod Height – Everything Your Need to Know

There are a few factors to consider when determining your closet road height. Experts say the most important factor to consider is the storage space organization. Some homeowners opt for a single-rod system, while others prefer a double-rod system. 

A single-rod system does not have a shoe rack and has a single tier of hanging space. On the other hand, a double-rod system comes with an upper and lower rod, allowing you to better organize the storage space. 

Height for a Single Closet Rod

Whether you choose a single or double-rod system, it is crucial to determine the right height. For instance, if you want to install a single-road system, make sure the closet rod height is 66 inches above the floor. That way, you can easily hang your suits, dresses, long coats, pants, and skits without folding them against the floor of the closet. 

Height for a Double Closet Rod

Conversely, a standard closet has two hanging rods. The top closet rod height is about 80 inches above the floor, and the bottom rod has a height of 40 inches from the floor. A double-rod closet system allows you to hang everyday shorts, blouses, shirts, folded pants, and blazers on the bottom compartment. You can utilize the upper compartment for skirts and long coats. 

Height for a Kids Closet Rod

Bear in mind that the closet road height for a child is different from an adult. For example, if you want to install a double-rod system for your child, make sure the lower rod height is no more than 30 inches above the floor. The purpose is to allow your child to reach his or her outfits easily. 

Although some homeowners still install a single rod, many now prefer a closet with a double rod system. Some homeowners even opt for multiple rods with adjustable features, meaning they can adjust the height based on their specific needs. 


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