Pergola Rain Covers: Your Garden’s New Best Friend

Trying to make your garden the type of place you can enjoy year-round can be a taxing endeavor. Choosing the right plants, getting a nice pathway, and also having a deck area where you can lounge through most of the year can be a hard thing to do, in and of itself. Even finding a way to get away from the rain can be difficult. 


One of the easiest ways to make your backyard just a little more weatherproof is by getting a rain cover for your pergola. Pergolas normally offer a simple way for vines and other creeping plants to scale up your patio without too much interference. Pergolas also add a stylish flair, as well as a nice amount of shade. 


However, if there’s one thing that pergolas can’t usually offer, it’s shelter from the rain. That’s where getting a rain cover comes into play. 

Why Get A Pergola Rain Cover?

The most obvious answer to this question is because it can help protect you against the elements, like rain. However, that’s only part of what they can do. Along with helping you stay dry during rainy days, there are several other reasons why getting  pergola rain cover makes sense. 


The other two major reasons why people invest in rain covers involve shade and the temperature regulation they offer. Since these covers involve a barrier over your pergola, rain covers also offer up a nice, solid amount of shade.


Temperature regulation can also come into play, especially when it comes to warmer regions like Arizona or Texas. Shady areas are known for being lower in temperature than sunny areas, which means that a rain cover can make hanging out in your garden a lot more bearable. 


Types Of Pergola Rain Covers

If you’re looking for a new rain cover, knowing what’s on the market helps. There are several different types of rain covers you can choose from. The most popular include:

Canvas Rain Covers

These are fabric-based rain covers that offer a lot of shade, a little bit of rain coverage, and a decent dose of aesthetics, too. Many people choose to make their own covers, or add them as sun-proofing canopies during the summer. 

I particularly love this one that allows for retraction when the sun is shining!

Plastic Rain Covers

These rain covers are large sheets of plastic that are specifically designed to shield people from rain and inclement weather. Though they are not as aesthetically pleasing as canvas, they’re often better for people who want serious protection from the elements. That being said, people who are seeking out sun protection should avoid clear plastic covers, if at all possible.

Plastic covers are much more affordable than other options so they can be a good solution if you don’t mind getting up and down from the top of the pergola.

Metal Pergola Rain Covers

These are fairly rare, and probably aren’t the best choice. While they can protect you from heavy rainfall and snowfall, the truth is that they can become a hazard during lightning storms or times of high winds. 

If you decide that you want the security of metal instead of getting a metal rain cover, I would go with a single side pergola like this one. It offers protection while being light and all weather approved.

Specialty Pergola Rain Covers

There are some occasions where you might see a more unique take on a rain cover. These covers may be made out of multiple materials, or may be entirely organic through the use of growing vines. How much rain you are able to block is up for debate, and can vary greatly. 


DIY Pergola Rain Covers Vs. Store-Bought

It’s possible to make your own pergola rain cover through the use of canvas or growing vines. However, there’s a debate on how much rain you are going to be able to block using these methods.

Store-bought rain covers are generally more convenient and functional than making on your own, simply because they’ve been tested and proven to work. So, if you want to make the most of your rain covers and time, it’s often better to get a store-bought design. 

If you want sun shade, weather protection and a nice open look on your patio you might want to consider patio shades instead.


If you’re a fan of staying in your garden regardless of the weather, then pergola rain covers can be an ally in your fight against the elements. The key thing to remember is that the material matters—-more than most people would initially believe. So, if you’re in the market for one, keep an eye out for what material you’d be getting.


The cool thing about pergola rain covers is that you can choose to make one yourself, or you can opt for a model that’s made professional. For most people, choosing a store-bought design is a better option. After all, it’s a quick and easy way to make sure that you get the most of your shade and rain protection without having to put in the work.