Best Types of Blankets

Here are the Best Type of Blankets for Perfect Snuggly Sleep

It is a well-established fact that people nowadays get disruptive sleep. Spending a major chunk of time around technology and the constant societal pressure has turned many into chronic insomniacs. Be it using essential oils or mediation music, one must try every possibility to combat the discomfort. But oftentimes, we forget to pay attention to our bed management system! Yes, changing the mattress, switching the blankets, and reorganizing the bedcovers can enhance the sleeping experience.

Today, the market is filled with different types of blankets to fit every need. But due to lack of awareness, we mostly end up buying the inexpensive IKEA duvets or any random blankets from home goods stores. There is a special snuggle science behind every kind of blanket and this is your ultimate guide to get the best one for yourself!


The most important factor to consider before purchasing a blanket is its material. Take a mental note of the space you are buying it for (sofa or bed) and the preferences of people who are going to use it.

  • Cotton – Cotton blankets are very common, provides moderate warmth, and are very breathable.
  • Down – These types of blankets have two layers of fabric and a layer of feathers in between. They are thin,  light, and very comfortable.
  • Wool – Woollen blankets are thick and can get you hot in minutes.
  • Fleece – Baby blankets are usually made using fleece. They are extremely soft and squishy.
  • Synthetic – These blankets are recommended for bitter winters. They don’t breathe and form a layer of insulation, thus retaining the heat inside.

Comforter vs. Blankets

What is the difference between comforters and blankets? Both can keep you nice and warm and they can often be the same weight. The main difference is that comforters generally have layers that insulates sandwiched between 2 layers of fabric. In contrast, a blanket is only one layer of fabric.


Once you have decided on the fabric, the next step is to choose the style of the blanket. You need to consider price, how much warmth you need, and practicality.


It is the most common type of blanket used in North America. Comforters are thick blankets filled with evenly spread feathers. There are infinite options for colors, textures, and patterns available to compliment your room décor. Comforters are great  because they don’t bunch up or fall down like many duvets do.

Here are a few that look so snuggly, and gorgeous:

Wouldn’t you like to snuggle into this fuzzy comforter on a cold winter night?

Or this nubby textured comforter that is the palest of pinks.

I am a sucker for black and white prints and this comforter would look great in any color room.


Duvet is similar to a comforter in its composition. The only difference between a comforter and a duvet is that a comforter is a patterned blanket whereas duvet is usually plain white. A duvet is generally used with a cover that protects the plain duvet. You can easily remove this cover and wash it. It is easy to switch duvet covers according to your décor so you don’t have to splurge on a new blanket every time.

It is a great option for people who want to have a different look at different times of the year. Maybe a light white duvet cover for spring and summer, and a heavier gray one for fall and winter.
A high quality duvet can last for decades so it is worth spending some money on them.

Here are the duvets that I love:

I actually own this goose down duvet and it is spectacularly warm. It is like climbing into a big warm cloud at night. I can’t recommend it highly enough. (We do have to take it out of our cover in the spring and summer or we would over heat!)


This is our summer weight synthetic duvet. 

It is nice and light and just enough when there is a cool breeze at night!

Duvet covers

Duvet covers protect your duvet from dirt and oils. They also allow you to use high quality duvets for decades without being stuck with a single pattern or color.

Here are some gorgeous options:

This lovely flower duvet cover comes with 2 pillow shams.

I also love this nubby baby blue duvet cover.


A quilt is a three-layered blanket mostly made of cotton or cotton blends. The top layer is made with artistic patterns, followed by a thin layer of wool or down, and the bottom layer is made from fabric.  Quilts are much thinner and than comforters or duvets, so they are ideal for summer months or places with moderate winter.

I often use them as throws on couches or at the end of the bed on particularly cool nights.

Many people have quilts that have been passed down for generations. I would strongly advise hanging those on the wall instead of using them as a blanket!

My favorite quilts:

This quilt is bursting with color and can work with almost any wall color!

This paisley quilt is gorgeous and would work beautifully in a girls room. I love the scalloped edges and the calming colors that keep this quilt from being too much!

Weighted Blankets

Weighted or gravity blankets are flooding the market now. They are filled with plastic pellets, glass beads or rice grains and weigh around 5 to 30 pounds. The heftiness of the blanket creates a calming and relaxing effect on the body. These blankets simulate the feeling of being hugged and cause a ‘deep pressure simulation’.

You need to make sure that the weighted blanket you buy is appropriate for your weight.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are very versatile and generous. These types of blankets are made with a single sheet fabric, ranging from Turkish cotton to flannel and merino wool. They can also be made from yarn and be knitted or crochet. Throw blankets are amazing to hug and lounge on the sofa or snuggle up to sleep on the bed. They come in stylish colours and unique patterns that can be used as a stunning décor piece.

I like to use throw blankets as a way to insert color in a room or to tie colors in together.

This knit throw blanket would be beautiful as an accent in almost any room. You can throw it over the arm of a sofa, keep it in a blanket basket, or lay on the end of the bed.

This herringbone throw blanket would be beautiful in a modern farmhouse home.

I love this basket to put my throw blankets into when they aren’t in use.


I hope that next time when you go to the store, you buy the perfect blanket for your bedroom!