Masculine Bedding Options That Look Great In Your Room

Masculine Bedding that looks great in your Bedroom

Masculine bedding options are having a great decorating moment!

Guys have it rough when they’re trying to do a little interior design, don’t they? At best, most interior design companies seem to think that men just want a “man cave” as their bedroom. At worst, tasteful yet masculine bedding doesn’t even make an appearance on store rosters. It’s true; being a man and keeping a stylish home is pretty tricky. 

Since a man’s bedroom need to take it’s cues from the comforter set, it’s often the first thing to be purchased for a new bedroom.


While it can be difficult to find bedding that is manly yet elegant, it’s not impossible. If you’re looking for new bedding that isn’t emasculating or plain, these options below can be a good pick.

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What to look for in a Quality Bedding Set

Not only do you need to look for a comforter set or a duvet set that you really like, you need to look for something supremely comfortable.

  • Check thread count! It should be comfortable as long as it is over 200-300.
  • Will it fit your size of bed?
  • Do pillow cases come with the set? What about decorative pillows?
  • Make sure you have the right size shams. Do you need queen shams or king shams?


Ready to go shopping? Read on!



Solid Color Bedding Sets

When in doubt, the easiest way to turn any bed setup into masculine bedding is to choose solid colors like navy, black, and white. If you choose this, you can expect your bedding to match any type of decorations you have. 


It’s important to emphasize that simple doesn’t have to be boring. Single color bedding sheet sets are excellent for adding a bold splash of color, or for working with eclectic styles that are hard to coordinate with. That’s why most interior designers view this as a “safe” option. You can choose simple cotton or luxury bedding made with linen or satin.


For example, this solid quilt set has a woodsy, outdoorsy vibe that would work well in a wide range of different men’s rooms. It can work for a hunting enthusiast’s bedroom just as well as it could for a bedroom that’s outfitted with fantasy-themed artwork. And, if you are a fan of the collegiate look, it’d still work well.

Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Dark Green Reversible Solid Color Bedding Set Modern Simple Quilt Cover with Zipper King Bed Set for Men
  • KING SIZE- Duvet Cover( 104" x 90"); Pillow Covers( 36"x20")
  • Design- Solid color boosts bedroom taste; Natural Wrinkles add old feeling.
  • NEW COLLECTION- Who wants to have the same duvet or comforter all year long? the duvet cover can readily be removed and washable, then you don’t need to clean your comforter( or duvet), which can be experience and difficult to clean.
  • CARE INSTRUCTION: machine wash in the gentle cycle with cold water once ready to clean, suggest wash separately with similar color. not dry clean, do not bleach, hung dry or dry with low temperature, cool iron when needed.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE- We promise 30-days return and 24hs customer service. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us, we will give you the best solution within a short time.

Striped Comforter Sets

Another longtime mainstay among manly bedding options is striped bedding. Striped sheets are stately and work with a very nice array of different themes as well. Fans who love “country club” styling, nautical themes, and classically sporty setups will find stripes to be particularly endearing. 


If you choose to go for striped bedding, you should try to match the boldness of the stripes with the type of mood you want the room to have. If you’re going for an oceanic room, these light beige stripes will help bring a beachy touch to your bachelor pad. 

Sports Team Bedding Sets

If you’re on the younger side and love cheering on your favorite pro athletes, then there’s nothing wrong with getting bedding that’s made in the theme of your favorite sports team. Though this option is often relegated to teen rooms, older men are now starting to use it as a way to add an urban touch to their rooms. 


A good way to add a little extra “pop” of color to your room is to add a bedding set featuring a team with bright colors. For example, this NCAA bedding set works well as a statement piece and focal point for any room. However, you’d need to select your accessories wisely if you go this route. 

Plaid Bedding Sets 

Oh, plaid! Is there anything that is more masculine than having a plaid bedspread? It’s the easiest way to channel your inner lumberjack while still keeping things classy. It’s been a staple in almost every home design magazine for years, and is considered to be a must if you’re a fan of rustic decor. 


The best part about plaid is that it is a reliable way to add a splash of color without rocking the boat too much. In other words, plaid bedding sets like this one are an excellent way to add a man’s touch in an otherwise plain room. 


Nautical Themed Bedding

Most men’s bedding will be modeled after a particular theme or just centered around a specific color. One of the more popular choices for men who want an upscale look to their home is to get marine-themed bedsets—much like what one would expect to see in a Martha’s Vineyard home. 


Contrary to popular belief, “nautical theme” and “striped” aren’t synonymous. This unique nautical bedding set features antique-style ship drawing and a light blue theme.  

Gridded Bedding

While we’re on the topic of bedding concepts, let’s talk about some of the other options that people have chosen to get a masculine bedroom concept in the works. One of the newer options that’s gained traction in recent years is gridded bedding. 


Grids offer a modern, slightly artsy take on typical bedding. It’s a good choice for people who prefer a stark look to their home that has just the slightest bit of flair to your option. This gridded bedding set is a great look for a “geeky” bed.


Western Bedding

If you’re looking for something that works with a rustic bedroom theme, your options are a little more limited than most designers would want to admit. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some Western flair to your bedroom. 


Guys who want to add a little cowboy to their bedroom should look for Western patterns in rich browns, golds, and reds. This helps bring an overall theme focused on woods, wildlife, and maybe a little desert style into play. We strongly suggest this theme if you have darker woods like mahogany or cherry in your home. 

In Conclusion

Being a fan of masculine home decor isn’t easy these days, but that doesn’t mean that you need to feel like you’re out of options. There are plenty of manly bedding options to choose from, each of which can be turned into a different motif. 


If you want to have a room that truly pops, you need to take a look at the decorations and wood stylings that you currently have at your home. From there, you can usually get a good idea of what type of bedding you should choose.