The Best Black Paint for Your Home

Black is the most popular color in the world, and for good reason. It can be used in a variety of ways – from dramatic to sophisticated. It’s also one of the easiest colors to work with because it matches with everything! In this blog post we’ll discuss some of our favorite black paint colors for your home and where you can get them online.

What should you use black paint for in your home?

There is a decorator saying that no room is complete until there is something black in it. A quality black paint looks beautiful on accent furniture, stair railings, mirrors, frames and more. Black helps to ground a room and give the eye some visual rest.

Best Black Paints for your Home


Benjamin Moore Black Paint


Benjamin Moore make some of the best black paints on the market! Not only do they go on smoothly and with one to two coats (generally I only need one) but they are long wearing paints. You won’t need to repaint a year or so later because you are buying quality paint.


Benjamin Moore Black Berry 

Benjamin Moore Black Berry is a deep, rich black with subtle purple undertones. It has an eggshell finish for paint that’s easy to maintain and offers a slight sheen without the high gloss of other paints. This color can be found at a Benjamin Store or online here.

Benjamin Moore Jet Black

Benjamin Moore Jet Black is a deep, rich black that will make any room feel luxurious. It has purple undertones and is  darker than blackberry. Find it here.

Benjamin Moore Ebony King

Benjamin Moore Ebony Black offers a unique take on traditional black paint with its slightly gray cast.. This color costs  comes in both flat or semi-gloss finishes depending on the type of look you’re going for. This is a great black if you want to test out how black can look in your room because it is less intense. Find it here.


Benjamin Moore Black Panther

Benjamin Moore Black Panther is a deep black with subtle green undertones. If you have greens or green-blues in your home this is a great black for you!  Find it here.



Other great Black Paints from Hardware Stores


Sometimes you want to try something black but don’t want to pay Benjamin Moore prices. There are lots of other very good black paints that you can get on a late night Home Depot run!

Sherwin Williams Nightwatch Paint

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Sherwin Williams Nightwatch offers an intense charcoal grey that will really bring out any wood furniture you have going on in your space. It has a sort of cult following in the decorator world because it is inexpensive and a beautifully rich color. It costs around $35 per gallon and can be found at most hardware stores.

Sherwin Williams Black Magic


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Sherwin Williams Black Magic is a very popular choice for living rooms, bedrooms, or even kitchens because of its versatility – it can be used as an accent wall to highlight certain areas while still being easy enough to match other colors throughout the room. This color is found in stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Behr Black Boudoir


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If you’re looking for an easy-to-find paint color that will match most any type of decorating style, go with Behr Black Boudoir. This smoky black color sets a mood in any room of the house. I recommend using the Behr Paint and Primer which is the least expensive option. The “one-coat” options aren’t one coat and leave strange texture on the walls. You will have to buy enough to go over your walls at least twice with the Behr Paint and Primer but it is worth it for a really great outcome.

Black Paint as a color for an entire wall?

Black paint always has a place in home decorating especially if you love an eclectic style or a traditional style. While I personally wouldn’t recommend painting an entire room in black paint, I love the look of a black accent wall or black window trim.

I hope this has inspired you to be bold with paint. You can start small, but you may find you love black paint so much that you paint your walls black!

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