11 cool things you need for your room

11 cool things you need for your room whether you are old or young!

Whether you’re looking to revamp your dorm room or trying to give a personality to your basement space, these insanely cool items will transform your room into an awesome hangout spot. Very often we miss out on accessorizing our rooms correctly and then later have a ‘why did I not know about this sooner’ moment. We all have been through that stage so we know the pain. But we have got you covered!

Here is a list of the cool things you need to buy ASAP:

Travel Map or Globe

The trend of adding a travel accessory just doesn’t fade away! You can DIY a rose gold globe or go with the age-old trick of sticking a world map on your wall. It still looks absolutely stunning!

The Art Deco style of the globe would look great in a home that has Art Deco style.

Or hang up a scratch off map!  

A pro tip: Add your travel pictures or polaroids to the map and make it look even more aesthetic.

 Travel related decor items can help you nail the global design in your home.

Cute Ceramic Crockery

We all have those days when we just throw away those dainty rings and lose them forever. Well, not anymore. Just steal your favorite ceramic plate from mom’s kitchen or get your hands on those adorable pet critters that are available online. It looks AMAZING!

or this charming tree that will make a beautiful statement.

Vintage Coffee Table

A coffee table is one of the most abused furniture pieces of all time. One super cool thing to add your room would be grandma’s old trunk. It will make your room look timeless and tasteful, effortlessly! Or stack some old suitcases and add a glass top!

Or use an old trunk that may have had a different use long ago. Anything that is tall enough to use can work, the only thing that would get in the way is your own imagination!

Hanger for Hats, Keys, Ties and more

Storing caps and hats can be a struggle. But, not anymore! Find a hanger for hats that can double up as a funky décor piece.

Like this awesome wall mounter horse head!

or this adorable octopus..

Show Off the Surfboard

Most of the time surfboards bite the dust in the storerooms. Adding it to the corner of your room can add color as well as remind you of the warm ocean breeze!

If yours is being used and you still want some surfboard flare you can purchase surfboard hooks.

or  wall decals that go up easily and remove cleanly. Plus they come in dozens of colors for any room.


Any teenage boy’s room or for a coastal home would benefit from a reminder of the sea!


Quirky bookshelf

If you are a book lover, you should totally get a unique bookshelf for your room. There are a ton of quirky bookcases available these days, ranging from industrial looking to wooden box ones.

These industrial looking shelves would be perfect in a boy’s room


Or you can make your bookcase an art piece


Or go really outside of the box and get this one for your favorite super hero fan!

Prominent Posters

Decorating a room using posters is something we all swear by. It’s cheap, crazy, and always cool. You can try different frames, sizes, and arrangements and totally rock the décor game!

Use your favorite colors to get a color scheme going and base your entire room around it!

LED lights

Adding LED lights to the room will definetly make your friends go gaga! You can try lightboxes with letters, fairy lights, or just throw some LEDs around to make your room look uber cool.

Hang these above your bed to create a canopy of soft light!

Make your bedroom the dance party room. These lights will change with music or a remote.

Rage over Retro

Everything old is in vogue these days. Get your hands on grandfather’s old gramophone or record player and add a charm to the room. Grab some old cameras to line shelves in your room. Scour second hand stores and flea markets. However if you struggle to find what you need, you can add in some vintage looking items like the ones below!

Add a vintage looking fan to complete the look!

plus an old typewriter that is a pencil holder

Magnificent Macrame

Macramé décor pieces have been around for some time now but they still look stunning. If you are into boho or eclectic themes, macramé wall décor is an absolute must. It looks so Pinterest-y!

This gorgeous trio of wall hangings could be added to the head of a bed to create a “headboard” or spaced along a big wall.


or get this gorgeous colored macrame hanging as a stand alone wall decoration.


Floor puffs

Nothing makes a room feel more comfortable that a puffy floor cushion. These are really upgraded bean bags, that have some style. Put them in your kids room for them to play on the floor, or in the family room to lounge with. You will find everyone will fight over them.

This knit one adds texture to a room and helps it feel more grounded with its grey tones.


Or go with these to create a global style


You can even diy your own with this floor pillow tutorial!


Any room in your home is only as good as the accessories you add to make it yours. Fun accent pieces are what show your personality more than any piece of furniture ever will.

Buy these crazy and cool things for your room and make it look more stylish!