Decorating with Mirrors in the Living Room

Decorating with Mirrors in the Living Room — Ideas & Tips To Sprinkle Mirror Magic



Done sprucing up your living room but it still looks … well, bland? Mirrors are just the missing piece to your interior design puzzle! 

Mirrors can act as the focal point and enhance the ambiance in magical ways. What’s more, the incorporation of a mirror (or two) instantly makes a space feel brighter, lighter, and spacious. And as a busy mom, there’s no quicker way to uplift your living room than by tossing in a mirror.

In that regard, let’s go explore the top ideas and tips for decorating with mirrors in the living room and play around with dimensions, illusions, and reflections to create a stunning space!


Pick A Contemporary Circular Piece

Nothing gives the perfect finishing touch to a modern living room than a sleek, circular mirror with minimal framing. It also pairs well with other design themes, such as midcentury and transitional interiors. Hang it over your central couch for a stunning look — or even to make it appear as a tunnel to a parallel world *wink*.

… Or A Traditional Elongated Frame 

For a more traditional look, pick a full-length mirror (perhaps with a rounded top) for one wall of your living room. You can keep the look minimalist by opting for a frameless mirror or go slightly (and stunningly) over the board with a fancy frame — you’ll get gorgeous looks either way!


Create Visual Interest With A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls aren’t only restricted to pieces of artwork — mirrors in the living room can do the job fantastically, too! Hang a handful of mirrors (anywhere between 2 and 6) to create visual interest. This is also a superb option if you aim to make your mirror(s) the focal point of the space. 

For best results, pick mirrors of similar shapes and frames and introduce differences in the sizing, such as two round pieces with one slightly larger than the other.





Vintage Mirrors Add An Antique Touch Of Art

Antique mirror frames not only serve their primary purpose of reflecting views but also double as vintage pieces of art. Hang an antique mirror in your vintage decor and watch it step up your design game tenfolds!

The best part is that vintage mirrors can act as stunning centerpieces and create statements or laid-back decor items simply complementing the existing space. It all comes down to what functionality you aim for.

… While Cheval Mirrors Make A Statement

If your wall-mounted mirror still seems understated, a cheval-glass mirror will provide the extra aesthetic you’re looking for. Being a free-standing piece, such mirrors are sure to divert the attention of your visitors and become the talk of the town!

Cheval-glass mirrors are best placed in illuminated corners —bonus points if you install accent lighting to make them all the more prominent.


Pair Mirrors With Artwork

An alternative to gallery walls, mirrors pair stunningly with other pieces of artwork, too. Mount decorative plates onto a wall and toss in a similarly-shaped mirror to enhance their effect. 

Also, create a connection in the color scheme by coordinating the color of the mirror frame with the hues found in the artwork. For instance, a  neutral-hued frame pairs smoothly with a decorative plate having a skin/beige base.


Pick A Unique Frame

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes — and designs! You can surf home decor shops and look for unique frames, such as an amalgamation of small circular mirrors, and allow your frame to become the center of attention in your space. This is ideal especially if you don’t aim for a flawless reflection. 


Find Your Mirror The Right Spot

Once you’ve decided on the mirror that best suits your requirements, it’s time to find it the most suitable spot to hang.

Mirrors mainly reflect (bounce off) light, which is why they contribute to a brighter, more spacious room. To avail the most of this light-reflecting property, you should position your mirror(s) where it receives plenty of natural light. Ideally, this would be near large windows or entryways.

However, mirrors can do their job in dark corners as well; hang them in narrow hallways and watch your space instantly feel roomier.

Be Mindful Of The Reflection

Positioning a mirror correctly also includes finding a spot where its reflection will be worthy. For your living room, pick a position that is not only near a window but also allows for a reflection of an aesthetic view. This could be a statement piece of artwork or a fancy chandelier. If your mirror itself is the focal point, anything from a sleek chest of drawers to a contemporary chair will do.


Sprinkle That Dash Of Mirror Magic

Mirrors have a multitude of benefits. From making a space feel bigger to enhancing the illumination of the room, mirrors in the living room provide you with more perks than one. So, pick your favorite mirror style and find it a spot to hang to witness an instant living room uplift!


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