9 Amazing Curtain Alternatives

Here are 9 amazing curtain alternatives! Whether you are looking for shower curtain alternatives, or just everyday curtain alternatives, you are sure to find what you are looking for here!


Curtains have been a part of interior design for millennia, and they’re everywhere. You can find curtains in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. They’re great and all, but sometimes, you just want to have something a little different. 

If you’re tired of the hackneyed use of fabric to make your windows look better, these alternatives might just make your room better in a fresher, more modern way. 


Living Room, Kitchen, And Bedroom Curtain Alternatives

Roman Blinds

Old school yet remarkably lightweight, Roman blinds are always a great choice for standard rooms. Their light build makes it possible to get a nice amount of shade, privacy, and style into your room without the added bulk of heavy curtain fabric.


People who want an easy to use alternative to standard curtains and drapes might find this to be the best option you can get. There are plenty of fabric options to choose from, including blackout fabric. 

My picks:

I love these light filtering shades that offer a lot of privacy and add texture to a room.

Or theses remote controlled shades that make for easy raising and lowering.


Hanging Beads And String Lights

Hanging beads, also known as beaded curtains, are one of the more retro curtain alternatives that still make an appearance in homes across the country. Getting a thick layer or two of beads can offer privacy, while thinner, sparser bead setups can add a Bohemian accent to an otherwise vanilla room.


If you want to add a more modern twist, add string lights to your hanging bead setup. It’ll enhance the mood in your room.

My picks:

This beautiful beaded fabric can be used as a room divider or in place of a curtain.

This is sure to be a hit in any teenagers’ room. The lights change modes to flashing, wave, slo fade and more.


Privacy Screens 

In many cases, curtains aren’t just used to block light coming in from windows. They are also used as a way to divide up a room into different sections. If this is why you’re using curtains, then one of the best ways to switch things up is through the use of an standing screen divider.

Fans of Japanese decorations and simple interior design will love the way these look…and love the quick, adjustable way they can divvy up open space!

My picks:

This farmhouse style screen would be at home in any home. It is tall enough to offer privacy in front of a window but short enough to let in some light.

This beautiful woven screen offers privacy and texture to a Boho room or an Eclectic one.



Sometimes, it’s not the fact that you’re dealing with heavy fabric that’s the issue. Some designers just don’t like the idea of using curtains because it’s boring. It doesn’t make people think, nor does it always make a statement. 

Believe it or not, having macrame artwork covering up windows or as a window decoration option can work wonders for your living room’s design. It’s artsy, yet natural. It offers a strong statement, yet doesn’t look garish.

The cream hue that traditional macrame comes in also works wonders with most color schemes. See what we mean?

My picks:

I love how much light shines through this beautiful macrame piece. It is so delicate and would look fabulous in a boho room.

These “curtains” are a great because of the simplicity at the bottom. They flow well and add whimsy to a room.


Decorative Panels

If you’re okay with sunlight peeking in through your windows, you might want to check otu what decorative panels can do for your home’s design. Manufacturers are now making easy-to-hang panels using laser-cut wood as well as metal. 

The good thing about these panels is that they give your home a very bold statement that will look good for years to come. The bad news? Well, they can cost a bit and will always be capable of shielding you from light. 

My pick:

Mount this panel to the bottom half of your window and gain privacy while allowing in lots of light. These panels come in lots of different styles and colors.


Sticker Decals

If you’re like many people out there who rent an apartment, trying to frost glass or hang beads isn’t always doable. Sticker decals, on the other hand, are. Modern decals are made to be easy to remove, capable of reflecting light, and stylish. 

Most people love the easy-to-use appeal of a good decal, but let’s be honest. It’s the fact that they’re so easy to switch up and so affordable that make these seriously awesome curtain alternatives.

My picks:

Use a large patterned sheet of a decal to add a decorative glass finish while preserving your privacy.

Create a beautiful garden in your home with these decals.


Shower Curtain Alternatives

If you’re looking for shower curtain alternatives, one of the most common ones you’ll spot in bathrooms is glass. Sliding glass doors are easier to clean, less likely to cause mildew, and also add a stylish twist to your home. 

Faux frosted glass

Of course, privacy is an issue. If you want to get a little extra privacy in the shower, frosted glass is a good way to go. The “frost” blurs what’s going on inside, after all. Turning regular glass into frosted glass is easy enough; all you need is some frosting spray.

Frosted glass also acts as a great alternative to curtains for living room windows, or for windows that surround an indoor pool. 

My picks:

Use this awesome spray paint to make your plain glass look frosted. It is reversible.

Or if you would rather use window clings they attach to regular glass with a little bit of water.


Did you ever go to a spa that was surrounded by lush, thick foliage? All that plant life works well when it comes to obscuring what’s going on behind them but also adds a luxurious, organic touch to your interior. 

People who have homes that have spas in them might want to check this out, if they love that natural atmosphere.



Glass shutters or doors are often used by high-end bathroom designers as an alternative to typical shower curtains, and rightfully so. They are easy to clean, look sleek, and also have a timeless, spa-like quality. 

If you have a larger bathroom or spa area, using wooden shutters to section off the shower area can also work. This is an ideal option for people who prefer a rustic or “French country” look to their spas. 

Stained Glass

If you have the extra cash and want to add a striking accent to your bathroom (or any other room), there’s another way to reduce the amount of light that enters your home: stained glass! Stained glass can offer a fair amount of privacy but also comes with the added perk of bathing your room in a rainbow of colors.

Getting stained glass art gives your home a custom look that no others on your block will have. If you ask us, it’s worth the splurge.