6 new ways to decorate your Christmas tree with ribbons

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your Christmas tree, consider decorating it with ribbon. This is a relatively easy way to add a lot of color to your Holiday Home and can be done with just a few supplies.

There are so many ways to decorate a tree with ribbon, each creating a different look.

Ribbon Loops on a Christmas tree

Photo Credit: For the love of decorating.com


The best way to get a lot of bang with your ribbon is to loop it around the Christmas tree, tucking it into branches. (This works best on an artificial tree.)

You need a wide, wired ribbon and at least 10 yards of ribbon to do this. The best width for this application is 2″-4″.

  1. Start with your tree bare of everything except lights.
  2. Start at the top, and tuck the end of the ribbon into the branches so it can’t be seen.
  3. Wind the ribbon around the tree, tucking it into branches as you go.
  4. As you get closer to the bottom, you may need to use more ribbon or make wider loops.
  5. When you reach the bottom, tuck the end of the ribbon into a branch or underneath the tree so it can’t be seen.

You can do this with one large ribbon or multiple coordinating ribbons. You can also work your ribbon vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. I personally l like to cut off my ribbon throughout the tree and make some cute ends.

Balsam Hill .com has some of the most beautiful ribbon for trees I have ever seen.

Floral bows

The next way to decorate your tree with ribbon is to create floral bows.

Watch my video of how to make floral bows before you get started.


You can use as much or as little ribbon as you like, and the best width is .75″-3,” and you must use a wired ribbon.

  1. You can start with a bare tree or do it after decorating.
  2. Create 3-5 loop floral bows in each of 2-3 coordinating ribbons.
  3. Finish each bow with a twist of floral wire long enough to use to hang on the tree. I like to use 16 or 18-gauge floral wires, which last a long time.
  4. To decorate the tree, wrap the floral wire around the tip of a branch so that the floral bow sits on top of the branch. Alternate placement throughout the tree.

This is a great way to change out colors every year, just switch up your floral bows, and your tree will seem brand new.

Tie bows around the tree tips

┬áTie a bow around the actual tree tips. In this case, you will want to use a satin or grosgrain ribbon that isn’t wired.

  1. Cut your ribbons into 1 1/2 foot to 2-foot pieces.
  2. After decorating your tree, tie a bow around each tree tip.

You can leave the loops long or short, whatever works for your decor.



Use coordinating ribbon to create small tassels for your tree.

photo Credit: Fortheloveofdecorating.com

This decorating style works best for scraps of ribbon in any width. Use satin or grosgrain ribbon that isn’t wired.

This method gives your tree some texture and movement

  1. Grab small lengths of coordinating ribbon and fold them in half.
  2. Use a small ribbon or wire to wrap around the top 5th of the ribbons (leaving a small opening)
  3. Use an ornament hanger to hang on the tree.

Ribbon the center of the tree


This unique way to use ribbon can be done on a real Christmas tree only!

You will need to do this before doing anything else to the tree. ( No lights or decorations before you start.)

Grab at least 10 yards of ribbon (not wired this time) and grab some colored tacks that match your ribbon.

  1. Use a hot glue gun to attach the strips of ribbon around the trunk of your tree.
  2. Start at the bottom and work your way up, making sure to evenly space out the strips.
  3. At intervals, you will want to hammer in a colored tack or push-pin to ensure the ribbons stay put.

This is a great way to add color and pattern to your tree. It is also a great way to decorate a sparse tree.

Use a ribbon as a garland


This works for artificial and real trees.

For this, you will want a non-wired ribbon. You don’t need anything else.

  1. Start at the back of the tree and loop the ribbon up and down on the branches.
  2. To make the garland look less blocky, twist the ribbon periodically as you wrap the tree.
  3. If you want your garland to be more textured, wrap some wooden beads along the same path as your ribbon.

Now that you know some ways to decorate your Christmas tree with ribbon get out there and get creative! Try some new techniques and see what you come up with. Have fun!

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