Farmhouse Christmas look for less

Get a Farmhouse Christmas look for less and delivered to your front door!

Farmhouse Christmas look

When I see beautiful Christmas decorations, my heart gives a little jump for joy! Christmas decor has a way of putting us in a holly jolly mood more than Christmas music or Christmas cookies.

But sometimes it is overwhelming to know how to make your home look like a picture perfect Christmas destination. Here is where I come in!

Here is a picture of a nearly perfect Christmas living room.


There is something about red and white that makes for a really calm Christmas look, and you can do the same thing for less with this shopping list.

If this Christmas decor makes you feel all warm and cozy inside here is how to get the look for this Christmas.


How to get the Christmas living room look on the mantle.

Let’s start with the stocking! These beautiful embroidered stockings are the focal point of the living room. The stark white with the unusual combination of red, white and black ribbon is elegant in its simplicity.

These well made stockings from Amazon will create the same look if you tie the ribbon below in various lengths and tie it to the hanging loop! (You will need 1-2 yards of each ribbon to complete 5 stockings) Any thing that you have remaining can be used on the tree.

*If you decide that you can’t live without the embroidered names, check at your local sewing store or craigslist to find someone to do it for you. (Most prices I found were $10-$20 per stocking.)

3/8″ Satin Stripes Ribbon By Celebrate It? Halloween | Michaels�


Fireplace garland

If we move up from the stockings we find a beautiful lit garland. This one from amazon is one of my favorites because it is so fully and textured. If you want to add some red into the garland you can use floral picks from any craft store and just place them in here and there.

Sign for a Christmas mantle

This Joy to the World sign is similar to the one in the picture. It is a bit larger but I actually think that is a good thing! The one in the picture is a tad bit too small to be a real focal point.


More Christmas mantel decorations

The rest of the decorations on top of the mantel are based around a mirror with a red and white wreath.

I love that the mirror reflects the lights from the Christmas tree back into the room and shines off all of the glass pieces that surround it.

The mirror I found was the very closest I could find after an hour of searching. It is gorgeous! You will love having it above your fireplace long after Christmas is over.

To decorate the top of the mirror, this lovely wreath with red berries will feel right at home. If you have another the you love, just poke in some more berry picks and some white or gold balls and hang it up!

2424″ Glittery Gold Dunhill� Fir Wreath With Red Berries, Pine Cones, Gold Ornaments & Warm White Led Lights By National Tree Company | Michaels�

On the right end of the mantel are some bejeweled conical trees. The ones below match them perfectly and you can get 2-3 packages and light them up all over the mantel instead of adding glass if you prefer.

The glass on the left side of the mantel must be so beautiful when the tree is on! These candlesticks are worth the splurge as they are heavy duty and so intricate. For the rest of the glassware I would go to a thrift store and find some beautiful jars. Or you can find some less ornate glass jars at the dollar store!


Let’s talk Christmas pillows!

I love a Christmas pillow or two on every sofa, chair, bed, floor, basket! But I hate storing them! My favorite finds are pills sleeves that allow you to cover your everyday throw pillows with a festive look. They also have the added bonus of being less expensive and folding up to almost nothing when it isn’t Christmas.

This pillow mimics the truck pillow in the picture for far less than buying a new pillow!


This snowflake pillow cover is available in red and white and comes in different sizes so you will be sure to find one for your throw pillows.


If you just want pillows that are no work at all this is a stupendous deal for 4 well made Christmas pillows!

Christmas centerpiece for a table

This nail head trimmed box must be a one of kind find, because it hasn’t shown its face in my searches. But I do have a way to get the same look for just a few dollars.

The box

Get a simple wooden box. This one is on the small side but would be perfect for a small coffee table or end table. You will want to paint this white with any house or craft paint you have on hand.

This whitewashed one would work just as it is. Is more comparable to the size of the box in the picture.

If you love the look of the upholstery nails get yourself a pack of these white ones and use a hammer to create the same look.

For those of you who are lamenting that I couldn’t find the actual box (I’m still looking)!!!

Christmas box interior

These very sturdy frosted pine picks are perfect for the inside of the box. You can either glue them in or grab a piece of floral foam and stick them in to get the look you want.

These are very large, so don’t be put off by the price. 2 of them will fill up your wooden box very easily.

Apothocary jar

This glass jar is a perfect match to the one in the picture! It will fit nicely in both boxes but it will take up a large portion of the smaller box.

Ashland� Glass Apothecary Jar, 13.5
Ashland� Glass Apothecary Jar, 13.5″ | Michaels�

Fill the jar with these miniature red ornaments to help it look like the jar in the photo. You could also use mini candy canes, pinecones sprayed red, or little red candies.

For the candle holders that are in and to the side of the box, these beauties make for a great candle stick year round.

For a final touch add a red and white beaded garland like this one.

The Red and White Christmas Tree

Flocked Christmas trees have come back into vogue in the past few years. If you don’t already have a flocked tree this is one I personally own and love! It makes set up and take down a breeze because you aren’t forever messing with fluffing branches and striging lights.
7.5Ft Pre-Lit Vermont Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, Clear Lights By Ashland� in White | Michaels�

7.5Ft Pre-Lit Vermont Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, Clear Lights By Ashland� in White | Michaels�

The star

I love how simple the wooden star is at the top of the tree. It would be beautiful in any farmhouse Christmas decor.

Here is one that I love just as much. Click here to purchase


The Ribbon

The ribbon is the most prominent decoration on this Farmhouse Christmas tree. By using contrasting patterns and red, white and a bit of black the look is timeless with a little bit of whimsy.  Before you add a single decoration use yards and yards of these different ribbons to make poofs all over the tree.

This video explains how to put the ribbon on the tree.


Decorations for the Red and White Tree

After you have wrapped the ribbon and the tree looks nice and festive it is time for the balls.

I picked these because they have different textures and even some pattern. You should only need one package to do the whole tree.

If you would like to add in other red and white ornaments use them sparingly so you don’t take away from the simple look.

Finally add in these long red berry picks at the top of the tree near the star. If you like the look you can tuck them within branches of the tree to add some more red.